We do more than just an app.

Hybrid Fan Engagement.

New digital sponsor spaces.
NFT-supported player cards.
More efficient work thanks to AI

Available as a new club app or plugin for an existing app.

Less effort, more money.

Digital Panini effect.
Hunt, collect, trade.
NFT-based player cards
Secure and unique.
Patented technology
Secure and unique.
New digital sponsor spaces
Increase sponsor revenue by 10%
New digital products
New revenues from day 1
Digital fan choreography
Stand out. Light up the arena

One step further.

With just one scan, new opportunities open up for the club, fans, and sponsors.

Experience the possibilities

Only one scan

10 times more revenue

Unique. Patented. Fast.

Own club app in 4 weeks.

Our solution offers more

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Editable app
Plugin for existing app
NFT player cards
Individual tokens & trophies
Trading and exchanging function in the app
Digital fan choreography
Marketing materials for sponsors
Personal customer success manager
Patented technology

The path to the app

Minimal time commitment for the club (approx. 15 hours).

Schedule a meeting with our expert here

Initial introductory conversation. What are the requirements within the club? What is the club's goal? Exclusive preview of the new club app.

Kick Off Meeting

Together with the project manager, the journey begins. The basic structure of the new app will be in place within 4 weeks.

Creation of NFT player cards & trophies.

Individual player cards, with or without sponsor logos, will be created and integrated.

Registration in the App & Play Store // Introduction to the CMS.

We pave the way for the release of the new club app. You will be trained by us on the CMS and can now manage everything yourselves.

Step 5

Go Live

After just 3 months, our hybrid fan engagement app with all features goes live. We advise all partner clubs for a successful start in all matters related to PR & marketing.

Excite. Connect. Have fun.

Hybrid Fan Engagement